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I need to move, how do I get started?

I need to move, how do I get started?

Just contact us. We will take down some basic information and one of our representatives will visit with you to discuss your needs. At that time we will perform an on-site survey of your home and belongings. We will discuss with you any additional services that you may require, such as packing and unpacking.

We will also take this opportunity to gather together information about your new home. If you think that there might be a problem getting a moving truck close to your new home, let us know and we will evaluate the location. Point out any items that need to be crated and we will perform this service. Your representative will discuss a timetable for the move with you.


After we have all of the above information we will prepare a written estimate of the expected cost of the move. This estimate is not binding, but will give you a very good idea of cost. We would also be happy to provide you with a binding estimate which specifies in advance, the total cost of your move. Finally, we provide accurate quotes, which are “not-to-exceed” estimates. The type of estimate will be discussed with you by our representative and usually depends on the circumstances of your particular move.

We will also provide you with a copy of our booklet 'Your Rights and Responsibilities When you move'.