Ask Rick anything about moving

Norumbega has the staff, facilities and experience to insure that your move will be handled in a professional manner. Every month I get letters from our customers thanking us for our efforts. These testimonials mean a lot to me and my staff. If you read them I think you will understand why you should choose Norumbega for your move.

What locations do you serve?

“Across the island, or around the world” is our motto. We can handle all of your moving needs. Our association with Arpen Van Lines give us the ability to undertake even the most demanding long distance moves. We will coordinate everything you need in order to make things go smoothly for you.

How much will it cost?

Basic transportation charges are calculated on the actual weight of your belongings, and the distance. Your total cost includes the basic transportation charges, charges for protecting the value of your belongings, fuel surcharges and any other fees.

I will visit with you personally to perform a visual on-site survey of your home and belongings. At this time I will discuss any additional services that you may require such as packing and unpacking. I will then prepare a detailed estimate for your inspection and go over with it you with you in person.

What do I need to do to get ready?

Moving can seem like an overwhelming task, but my staff and I will work closely with you throughout the process. Our employees, drivers and agents will give you the kind of personal attention only a family-owned business can provide. Preparation is the key to a successful move.

What about insurance?

We do our utmost to ensure that your personal possessions are handled carefully. In the event that damage does occur, however, you need to be protected. For a reasonable additional fee, Norumbega offers “Full Value Protection”, the most comprehensive plan available to you. With this plan, if any of your belongings are lost or damaged while in our possession, we will either repair, replace with items of the same kind and quality or provide a cash settlement for the repairs or replacement of the items at their current market value.

In addition, we offer a free valuation protection plan; however, this plan provides only minimal protection in case of damage or loss. I will be happy to discuss the best insurance plan for you when we meet.

Is there anything you can't move?

Yes, there are many items that we cannot transport safely/or legally.

A few of the most common items which we cannot transport include, perishable food, open containers, common household products and cleaning supplies, batteries, propane tanks, soda, beer, champagne and opened bottles of wine, vinegar, or alcohol. If you have any questions about transporting a particular item, please give me a call.

We can help you with all of your storage needs. Norumbega offers a state-of-the-art climate controlled storage facility at our Southwest Harbor location.
We also offer storage-in-transit which is the temporary storage of your belongings in the event that you are unable to move in immediately. This is an extra service and additional fees will naturally apply. If your belongings need to be stored longer than 90 days, speak to me and we will make arrangements for long term storage.

How do I pay for my move?

For local moves we would be happy to accept your personal check; I will be happy to go over all of our payment options with you.

Please give us a call - our contact information is shown below. Or if you wish, send us an